My name is Jack and I’m your local chimney sweep.

I have been employed by the Fire Service for nine years and regularly see the damage that chimney fires can cause. This has inspired me to become a member of this profession and to actively prevent the chance of a fire in your home.

Having your chimney swept regularly is so important. Sweeping will stop the build-up of creosote and soot, which form naturally when fuel sources are burned. Creosote is extremely flammable and, as the amount inside your chimney increases, so does your risk of a chimney fire.

I also highly recommend carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in your home. I can make sure that they are positioned correctly and that they are working properly whilst I am there.

After every sweep, I will do a smoke draw test and then issue you with a certificate for your household insurance. I will advise if there are any safety concerns, and highlight if any works relating to the chimney need to be carried out.

I use the very latest in chimney sweeping equipment to make sure that you and your chimney are given the very best service at a competitive price.

Hope to see you soon.